This varies with the position that you are interested in – call us. Most therapists choose an annual salary that is paid monthly or bi-weekly, however we can also arrange to pay hourly rates. Direct deposit is available. Independent subcontractors are welcome.

We have a SIMPLE IRA pension plan for employees. You are vested in the plan within a year of your employment and most vest sooner, depending on the date of hire. We make a free contribution into your retirement account monthly whether you contribute or not. Our SIMPLE IRA retirement plan is registered with Charles Schwab & Co, but the contributions can be directed to anywhere that has an existing plan of this type.

We have an excellent employee group plan including a pharmacy prescription plan, with BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA PPO. There is a choice of at least six health plans, so find the one that is right for
you. Family members and spouses are also eligible for inclusion in this health plan. Adult children up to age 25 may be insured under this plan (even if they are married and live out of state) ! Of course, domestic partners are welcomed and covered under this BCBSFL plan.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE : Available through AFLAC which includes Short term Disability Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Assurance, and Personal and Accident Indemnity Insurance.





PERSONAL DAYS & VACATION : This varies with the position chosen. For school based jobs you get all summer off, two weeks at Christmas and a week for Spring Break. Some districts even have the whole week off for Thanksgiving! Our non-school jobs are year round, but with awesome vacations!


CF SUPERVISION : For our SLPs, CF supervision is provided. We guarantee you will have a good Clinical Fellowship experience.

STUDENT PRACTICUM AND INTERNSHIPS : We encourage our experienced staff to mentor and train students in real life work settings. Current arrangements exist with several Florida Universities for Occupational Therapy and for Speech- Language Pathology practical work experience.

Employment Opportunities


Let’s meet without driving anywhere!  You can email or call/text 352-281-1313 to set up a Face Time/Skype meeting!  Or we can meet in person at your convenience!

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST – Sebring, FL. and Gainesville, FL.

SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS – CCC or CF,  Marion County (Ocala, Belleview, Marion Oaks,) Alachua County (Gainesville),  Lake County (Groveland), Volusia County (Deltona, Daytona, Deland,)  Highlands County (Lake Placid, Sebring,) Palm Beach County and even Pasco County! 

SLPs and strong SLPAs:  Marion County is the best county in the state for a Clinical Fellow or a therapist who has never worked in the schools. The four Lead SLPs provide regularly training and mentoring.  They also make themselves available to consult or brainstorm with SLPs  faced with a student not making adequate progress.  There are a lot of school jobs in Florida, but this is a county that stands out above all others as doing their very best to value and assist SLPs.  Hiring now for the fall 2017-2018.

SLPs – PALM BEACH COUNTY  and PASCO COUNTY- 2017-2018 School Year – These are brand new contracts for us – we don’t know what schools we will get next school year.  Pay is awesome.  If you are interested, send us your resume and tell us where you’d prefer to work and what populations are your favorites.  We might get a choice of where we work, you never know!  It doesn’t hurt to ask!

SLPs – LAKE COUNTY SCHOOLS – 2017-2018 School Year – We’ll know exact locations needing SLPs pretty soon.  Last we heard it was GROVELAND (Also other locations in Lake County), an easy commute from Clermont or Leesburg!  Full  time at a nice elementary school working with two other very experienced SLPs!  This school has IND and EBD units that would be part of  your caseload.  The ASD and Pre-K students are already being seen by another SLP.  CCC desired for this spot.  Strong CF considered.  The pay is really good, hours  are 8-3:30 with a 30 minute lunch. 

OT – Gainesville, FL schools.    We anticipate needing either a 4 day or a 5 day OT to join our team working in the Alachua County Schools.   We have an awesome district supervisor who acts more like a resource for all the therapists.  She finds the answer to every question and is there to help with any concerns or needs.   It’s a nice county to work in, lots of other OTs to get you started and oriented to school based therapy.

SLP – LAKE PLACID, SEBRING OR AVON PARKHIGHEST PAY ! Full time position  in nice elementary school in Lake Placid.  Other schools also open, give us your preference!  It is one of the highest paying school jobs in the state.   This is a small county, about 1.5 hours from the beach in either direction.  You are a couple of hours from Orlando and West Palm, 1.5 from Ft Myers or Sarasota.   There are schools in Lake Placid, Sebring or Avon Park.   This is a great community to live in with your family.  Reserve your place now for next school year!

OT – SEBRING – next school year, 2017-2018.  Take over a well organized caseload from an experienced OT who is remaining in the same district, just moving to schools closer to her home.  She will be available to train and orient you and help you get to know all your students.  This is one of the highest paying school jobs in Florida.  Very nice district, great fellow OTs, PTs and SLPs.  Interesting caseload with supportive administration.

SLPs – VOLUSIA COUNTY –  Looking for SLPs with experience serving more severely impaired students, such as non-verbal and low cognitive skills.  Volusia county is a pleasure to work in, nicely organized  with thoughtfully made school assignments.  You won’t find yourself at a school you cannot handle in this district.  We are included in all district trainings.  CF friendly.

PT – SEBRING and AVON PARK –  Sudden medical problems for current PT causes a need for someone to take over seeing her students for the next school year at least.    Excellent pay in this small, friendly district.  You’d be picking up a well organized caseload.

SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS – MARION COUNTY –    Great district,  a nice team of lead SLPs.  Everyone in the district gets a laptop and an I-Pad.  The pay is much better than your typical school pay.    Let us know your preferences for ages and caseload types – we’ll try to accommodate you.  Also, it is not too early to interview for next school year.    Contact us for details – we’d love to show you what a typical day looks like and show you around if you are available.  Full time or part time considered.



INTERESTED IN DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES? We have PT, OT and SLP vacancies from time to time in both Gainesville and Tallahassee/Marianna.    We love to talk with other therapists who are enthusiastic about this population!  EOE

About Us



Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Language Pathology

shutterstock_141950911Special Communications, LLC is a well established therapy group working in Florida since 1983. Our primary focus has been with school aged children (PreK-12) and people of all ages with intellectual disabilities. We’ve been lucky enough to have good jobs across Florida. Chances are we have an interesting job in a city near you!

shutterstock_162125885What We Do:  We love helping people with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities (all ages) & Pre-K to Grade 12 public school students!

Where We Work: Gainesville,  Ocala,  Flagler Beach, Palm Coast,  Jacksonville, Clermont, Eustis, Leesburg, Dunnellon,  Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa, Naples, Clewiston, Sebring, Lake Placid, Avon Park,  Lake Okeechobee area,  Tallahassee area, Lake City, Williston, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers area and next school year, Volusia County!

shutterstock_10772122Time Off Is Important: With loads of three day weekends, summers off, spring breaks, two weeks at Christmas and a week at Thanksgiving,  you’ve got plenty of time to see the world & enjoy life !

Not interested in schools but still want time off?

Our non-school jobs offer VERY GENEROUS leave packages, usually 7 weeks.
Check out our Current Openings or Contact Us to let us know where you want to live, work and travel!